My recent work is informed by a deep concern for the environment of our planet, and, in particular, the richness, diversity and beauty of our oceans and the marine life within, now under threat. I am very troubled by our careless attitude towards the Earth. It is as if, when we have ruined this one, we can turn to another one! We waste and throw away millions of tons of rubbish that end up in our waterways and eventually in the sea, forming huge areas of floating, non-degradable debris moved by the currents. Marine animals ingest this debris and get tangled in it, leading to agonising deaths.

However, being primarily a jeweller, as a way of commenting on this wasteful attitude, I use refuse (plastic bags and bottles, and packaging of all sorts) as base materials to make my jewellery.

I take pleasure in transforming these small, ordinary, mundane things, those that people discard without a second look, into eventually, objects of beauty and desire.

This also fits with my long-lasting interest in the idea of transformation, the fact that nothing ever remains the same. And I often play with that, transforming materials to a point where they are not (at least not easily) identifiable.

I acknowledge the fact that the world is in a state of perpetual transformation, but I feel saddened by (should I say “nostalgic for”?) the things such as books which will be more and more replaced by electronic applications, hand writing, etc.;   and simple skills such as knitting, crocheting, weaving, etc., which are rapidly disappearing from our lives. I use all these in my work.